Whitespace Control

To keep source code neat and indented, we’re adding spaces to our templates. LiquidJS offers whitespace control capabilities to eliminate these unwanted whitespaces in output HTML.

via Markups

By default, all tags and output markups lines will generate a NL (\n), and whitespaces if there’s any indentation. For example:

{%  author = "harttle" %}
{{ author }}

Outputs (note the blank link):


We can include hyphens in your tag syntax ({{-`, `-}}`, `{%-, -%}) to strip whitespace from left or right. For example:

{% assign author = "harttle" -%}
{{ author }}



In this case, the -%} strips the whitespace from the right side of the assign tag.

via Options

Alternatively, LiquidJS provides these per engine options to enable whitespace control without sweeping changes of your templates:

  • trimTagLeft
  • trimTagRight
  • trimValueLeft
  • trimValueRight

LiquidJS will NOT trim any whitespace by default, aka. above options all default to false. For details of these options, see the options.

Greedy Mode

In greedy mode (enabled by the greedy option), all consecutive whitespace chars (including \n) will be trimmed. Greedy mode is enabled by default to be compliant with shopify/liquid.