Contribution Guideline

Star on Github ๐Ÿ‘‰ harttle/liquidjs

Starring LiquidJS is the most important and easiest way to support us: boost its rank and expose it to more people, which in turn makes it better.

Show Me Your Code

Code Style: LiquidJS applies standard and @typescript-eslint/recommended rules, make sure itโ€™s still valid before commit:

npm run lint

Testing: Make sure test cases pass with your patch merged:

npm test

Commit Message: Please align to the Angular Commit Message Guidelines, especially note the type identifier, on which semantic-release bot depends.

Backward-Compatibility: please be backward-compatible. LiquidJS is used by multiple layers of softwares, including underlying libraries, compilers, site generators and Web servers. Itโ€™s not easy to do a major upgrade for most of them.

Financial Support

LiquidJS is Open Source and Free and without capitalists support and without any ADs. To help it live and thrive, consider contribute on Open Collective or Patreon. To acknowledge your contribution, your name and avatar will be listed here and on Github README.

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