Migrate to LiquidJS 9

LiquidJS 9 has some fundamental improvements, including bugfixes, new features and performance improvement due to higher target(see #137). There’re also some breaking changes.


  • Sync rendering: renderSync, parseAndRenderSync, renderFileSync
  • New utils: Expression


  • Rewrite boolean expression evaluation order, #130;
  • break and continue tags omitting output before them, #123;
  • Fixes errors in React.js demo during yarn install, #145;
  • Promise typed Drops are not await-ed some times.


  • Performance Improvements due to targeting to Node.js 8, see #137;
  • Memory footprint is reduced by 57.5%, see #202;
  • Render performance is improved by 100.3%, see #205.


  • LiquidJS no longer has a default export, use import {Liquid} from 'liquidjs' instead. The window.Liquid for the UMD bundle is also changed to window.liquidjs.Liquid;
  • The duplicate static method Liquid.evalValue is removed, use the instance method liquid.evalValue instead;
  • Shipped to Node.js 8, the CJS bundle (main entry in Node.js) no longer supports Node.js ≤ 6. ESM (dist/liquid.node.esm.js) and UMD (dist/liquid.browser.umd.js, dist/liquid.browser.min.js) bundles are not affected.