• Safe Rendering

    Liquid templates are highly readable and fault-tolerant thus suitable for designers and customers. Operators and expressions are parsed to AST and no eval or new Function are used.

  • Zero Dependency

    Written with zero npm dependency and no native binding, available in both Node.js and browsers. All of the CMD, ESM and CJS bundles are available on CDN.

  • Shopify Compatible

    All filters and tags from Ruby shopify/liquid are supported by LiquidJS. Jekyll sites, Github Pages and Shopify templates can be ported to Node.js without pain.

  • TypeScript Strict

    The whole repo is re-written in TypeScript strict mode to ensure a smooth experience using this lib and the document is precise and always up to date.

  • import { Liquid } from 'liquidjs'
  • const engine = new Liquid()
  • const tpl = engine.parse('Welcome to {{v}}!')
  • engine.render(tpl, {v: "Liquid"}).then(console.log)
  • // Outputs "Welcome to Liquid!"


LiquidJS follows the all-contributors specification, see guildelines here! Thanks goes to these wonderful people:


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